Packaging Program Management

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Packaging program management is crucial because it ensures your needs are met effectively and efficiently. Our program managers oversee the entire packaging life cycle, from designing and developing to delivering packaging solutions. This process includes managing the project timeline, coordinating with various departments and suppliers, and ensuring quality control.

Knowledge & Experience

Our program managers are some of our organization's most knowledgeable and experienced people

Knowledge and experience of your packaging program manager are essential because they oversee the entire process of delivering packaging solutions to a customer.

Their design, production, and project management expertise enables them to ensure that the customer’s packaging needs are met effectively and efficiently.

Our program managers use their experience and expertise to mitigate risks and identify cost savings, innovation, and sustainability opportunities.

Single Point of Contact

Our program managers are the customer’s single point of contact

This single point of contact also allows for more effective communication and problem-solving. If an issue arises during the project, you can communicate directly with your program manager, who can quickly identify the problem and work to resolve it.

This communication can save time and prevent the issue from escalating into a more significant problem.

Oversee Program Timeline Execution

ABP's Program Managers oversee the program timeline and execution by taking a proactive approach to project management

They begin every project by developing a detailed plan outlining the various tasks, milestones, and deadlines. They then monitor the project’s progress, ensuring that each task is completed on time and within budget.

If any issues or delays arise, the program manager works to identify the problem and develop solutions to keep the project on track.

Throughout the process, the program manager communicates regularly with the customer, providing updates on progress and addressing any concerns or questions.

Attendance at Weekly Program Meetings

ABP’s program manager is your representative in our weekly program meetings

By attending these meetings, the program manager can provide updates on the project’s progress, identify potential issues or risks, and work with the team to develop solutions to keep the project on track.

The program manager also ensures that the project stays within budget and on schedule and that any changes or modifications are communicated effectively to all parties involved.

Coordination of Part and/or Math Data Acquisition to Develop Packaging

Our program managers work closely with the customer to understand their specific needs and requirements, and to identify any constraints or limitations.

This may involve collecting technical specifications and/or math data needed by design and engineering departments.

Coordination of Customer Packaging Reviews

The program manager coordinates customer packaging reviews to ensure the solution is tailored to your unique needs

These reviews may involve packaging trials or developing prototypes for your review and feedback.

Packaging reviews help to ensure the customer is satisfied with the packaging solution and that any necessary changes or modifications are made before the product is manufactured.

Program Reporting

The program manager develops a clear and concise reporting structure that outlines the specific information that needs to be captured and communicated.

The reporting structure involves creating templates for meeting minutes, budget roll-ups, and other reporting tools.

Throughout the project, the program manager collects and organizes data, ensuring it is up-to-date and accurate. They then use this data to develop reports that provide insight into the project’s progress and performance.

These reports are shared with key stakeholders.

Cost Savings Workshops

The Program Manager coordinates cost savings workshops using CSI (Continuous Service Improvement) and VAVE (Value Analysis/Value Engineering) to identify areas where costs can be reduced without compromising quality or performance.

These workshops allow for open and collaborative communication, enabling the team to identify innovative and effective solutions that can lead to significant cost savings for the customer.

Communication with Logistics Providers and Tier 1s.

Our program managers communicate production and packaging requirements to logistics providers and Tier 1 manufacturers. They maintain open lines of communication and ensure everyone has a clear understanding of the project requirements.

Throughout the process, the program manager monitors the project’s progress, addresses any issues or concerns, and communicates updates to the logistics providers and Tier 1 manufacturers.

By establishing clear and effective communication channels, the program manager can ensure that the project is completed efficiently and effectively.

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